Bajram Curri is situated in northern of Albania, in a remote, mostly mountainous region. The town is named after Bajram Curri, a national hero who fought for ethnic Albanians. The town is located in the Valbonë Valley and is the main access point by road to touristic sights and villages of Valbona located in the Albanian Alps. Bajram Curri is the gateway to Valbona Valley and Lake Koman, both of which are must-sees tourist attractions.

Valbona valley

Valbona valley is a national park of 8,000 hectares, it is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Albania. The park lies about 22 km from the alpine city of Bajram Curri. Before entering the valley you will find the spring of Shoshan. After entering the valley, you will pass several picturesque villages. It is full of traditional houses that create a picturesque view in symmetry with the natural wonders. The entire valley is resplendent with rare colors and beauty. On one side, you see the crystal-clear waters of Valbona, and on the other sharp, but verdant mountain face.