Elbasan is situated in the heart of Albania, built where once was the ancient city of Skampini, crossed by Shkumbin river. Now old center of the city of Elbasan is represented by the castle district (Kala), where you can still admire the old city walls. The corner towers guard along the perimeter as well as the towers of the curtain and the fortified entrance. The city is one of the cultural capitals of Albania and it houses several museums.



The city of Belsh is the administrative center of the area of Dumrea. Albanian Renaissance personality Sami Frasheri said that Belsh should be the capital of Albania, because of its geographical location in the central part of the country and mostly because of the natural beauty of the area. Besides the lakes, Belsh has archeological and historical values as well.


The river Shkumbin originates in the eastern Valamara Mountains and is considered to be the dividing line between the Tosk and Gheg dialects. The ancient Via Egnatia followed the river, giving it the role of a strategically important corridor between orient and occident.