The old town of Gjirokaster is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its fortress overlooking the entire city, the old houses lean against the slopes of the hills with their beautiful old wooden facades. There’s plenty to see in this exceptional town. When visiting Gjirokaster you’ll soon notice that there are helpful brown signs all over directing you to the most important sights. The first stop is the fortress that can be reached by a staircase. Make sure to take some time to stroll among the cobblestoned streets of Gjirokaster and appreciate the many houses that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Viroi Lake

With its dense and lush vegetation, calm lake surface, and scenic landscape shimmering under the southern Albanian sun, Viroi Lake is a place that can seem almost unreal. the water’s crystal-like clarity allows visitors to enjoy the scenery without the need of submerging beneath the waters. It is also worth noting however, that during excessively hot summers, the lake water level lowers and, in some cases, has been known to dry up completely.