It is one of Albania’s ancient cities, and in the historical documents it is mostly referred by the name Lissus. One of the most important historical events for Lezha, and indeed for all of Albania, was the famed “the League of Lezha” on March 2nd, 1444, where under the leadership of national hero Skanderbeg, the Albanian princedoms united against the Ottomans. The Memorial Grave of Skanderbeg is here, at the ex-Cathedral of Shën Kolli, where he was buried in 1468. The country’s most beautiful lagoons, those of Kune-Vain and Patok, and some of the most exclusive, rugged beaches surround the ancient city of Lezha.

Lezha Fortress

The Castle of Lezha, built on a hill from which you can see beautiful sights of the Drin River, the city of Lezha and the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most interesting cultural and historical monuments of the country. The history of the castle remains inseparable from the city which it observes from its heights. There, traces of Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture merge to testify to the ancient civilization of this area. The castle retains a magnetic pull and mystery that leaves an impression on all those who tread on its stone grounds!

The image of a landscape where the coast, lagoon, river and the swamps meet – such is the case of the natural park Patok-Fushë Kuqe-Ishëm, where the union of these habitats creates spectacular views. Approximately 360 different plant species and 180 bird ones populate the entire area, making it a veritable paradise for biodiversity lovers. The already spectacular scenery is further accentuated by small wooden huts built over the lagoon. Inside these quaint wooden constructions, you can sample the delicious traditional food of Patok, which deserves an extraordinary setting!

Patok Lagoon


Shengjin is a very picturesque clean area, in a very peaceful, quiet location, the nearby historic town of Lezhë which is full of character and history. Shengjin is a small coastal town, situated on the northern part of the country. The area is renowned for its unspoilt beaches, clean streets and all round welcoming atmosphere. Shengjin is an established tourist hotspot with Albanians and foreigners alike.

Spaç, the prison camp for political condemned during the dictatorial communist regime, where 54 people slept in each room.
In 1973 a revolt was organized with the call “Vdekje, a liri!” (Death or freedom!)
For several hours, the revolt triumphed, the inmates drove the police away and raised the star-free flag in the camp.
The regime through the army and the secret service brutally killed a lot of the unarmed revolt.

Spaç Prison


The tourism in the wonderful area of Fishta is a blend of religion, culture, culinary delights and eco-tourism.
The relaxing and picturesque landscape of Zadrima offers a pleasing journey, not to miss if you’re a nature-lover. Zadrima’s name is of slavic origin, meaning alongside Drin.