The city of the flowers, Permet, in south-eastern Albania, is famous for its calm people and delicious spoon sweets, yet there are many other things that have turned the small city into a real tourist destination.
Outstanding nature beauty and the thermal baths of River Vjosa are the main factors that attract a lot of people that search for a calm vacation far away from cities hustle and bustle. In most of the cases, the visitors come in guided groups, yet there are many others that know the area and come with their own vehicles.


Kelcyra is a small town that lies along the mountains and Nemercke-Trebeshine and washed by the river Vjosa and Deshnica.
Kelcyre Gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges of Albania, especially the Black Water Source, which although not mentioned as much as one can say for other water points of the Albanian nature is worth a visited place, especially the waterfall in the tourist point. In every season you can enjoy this Panorama in a wonderful area. In autumn, the nature plays a real show of colors, ranging from white peak of Trebeshina which hosts the first snow, to continue with the brown shrubbery, with permanent green of the fir-trees and pine-tees, with the ancient plane-trees, and to finish with the smeraldy water of Vjosa, where numerous sources discharge.