Saranda is a quintessential Mediterranean destination, with five months of warm weather and a selection of dreamlike beaches up and down its coast. A typical scene around Saranda is a pebbly bay washed by clear turquoise waters and backed by limestone hills with aromatic scrub and olive trees. You can pick from tourist hotspots with family activities or secluded beaches in natural reserves.


Beautifully concluding the Albanian Riviera is the village of Ksamil, which happens to be one of the best surprises Albanian tourism has to offer. Thanks to the especially clear and brisk waters of the famous islands of Ksamil, this place has attracted the special attention of international media. There are a total of four spectacular islands in Ksamil. The perfect tranquility and dense greenery of these islands resemble a tropical paradise which you won’t want to leave!

The Blue Eye (Syri Kalter) is a natural spring and a mesmerising natural phenomenon in Saranda’s hilly hinterland. What enthrals people about Syri Kalter is the way the sunlight catches the spring on a clear day, creating a deep shade of blue that glistens like an eye. This effect is caused by oxygen bubbles rising up from the bottom of the spring, which is at least 50 metres beneath the surface but may be much deeper. The location is also gorgeous, with oak and sycamore trees around the water, and a wooden viewing platform positioned directly above the “Eye”.

The Blue Eye


The ancient city of Butrint it is located on a hill overlooking the Vivari channel and part of the Butrint National Park. The earliest archaeological evidence of settled occupation dates to between 10th and 8th centuries BC, although some claim that there is earlier evidence of habitation in the 12th century BC.The most popular ancient landmarks in Butrint are The Theatre, the Lion Gate, The Basilica, The Triangular Fortress and Roman Theatre and many more ancient ruins. Visiting Butrint offers you the rare opportunity of exploring some of the most amazing biodiversity and scenic features in the Mediterranean region. Butrint National Park provides bedrock that has preserved amazing biodiversity in addition to natural and cultural landscapes in Albania.

On the Ionian Coast, west of the village of Nivica, between cape of Qefali and Akroriza beach, lies the sandy beach of Kakome, one of the most beautiful stretches of unspoilt beach that can be found on the Albanian coast. The beach has a stretch of 1 kilometre of sand with a small port at the middle of it. The bay used to be home to an army base and access might be limited during some periods. It has a fine white sand and gravel; the variation of blue sea and the surrounding greenery make it a true paradise.



Lukova Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Albania Riviera, a dazzling strip of white rocks, several kilometers long, that is lapped by the deep blue water. Outside peak season, it’s very quiet, during the peak time of summer months frequents by many local and foreign tourists that spend their holiday there.