Tepelenë is a historic town well know as the birth place of Ali Pasha, Vizier of Ioánnina (1741-1822). His bronze statue, made by the famous Albanian sculptor Mumtaz Dhrami, is in a prominent position at the centre of the town. The castle, built by Ali Pasha to enclose his palaces, is the most important monument in Tepelenë. Covering 4.5 hectares, it was completed in 1819.
If you look down from the Castle, you will see a pedestrian bridge across the Vjosë River, which rests on a number of very old stone piers. The original bridge was built by Ali Pasha as a gift to his town. You may cross the bridge and take the path up to the village of Beçisht, the birth place of Ali Pasha. The remains of his house are still visible and any local inhabitant will be able to give you directions.